Worry-free premium support

How we work

Our methods of website solutions for any type of business.

For Premium Support

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? We help you with your CU2 site accordingly.

To migrate your site

We re-design your site on CU2 Network using your existing website as a guideline.

Creating a new site

We create a new website on CU2 Network by using our framework build with Divi.

Premium Support Service

CU2 Network offers you everything you need for a DIY website, but sometimes people have better things to do. Such as running a brick-and-mortar business or just having a better work-life balance. By adding this premium service on top of your current CU2 site service, you will have a personal web designer at your disposal 24/7.

Move your existing website

No matter what type of website you already have, we can help you move that website onto CU2 network and have you benefit from all its unique services. Unlike other services, we don’t just export and import, we rebuild your current website accordingly using Divi. This way it doesn’t matter if you dont have a WordPress website or other issues like outdated plugins etc.

Reasons to migrate:

– Issues with your web designer
– No access to your site because hacked
– Hosting provider too expensive
– Abonden plugins or themes
– Better SEO
– Need more exposure
– Benefit from CU2 Network


Design a new website

If you need a fresh new website that covers all the basics and is ready to grow with your business? Than you are at the right place! We create and support sites on CU2 Network, a shared hosting network for WordPress websites, build with Divi.

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