Join New Zealand’s social and business network with a site.

Host your website or part of your website on CU2 Network and be automaticity listed in the New Zealand’s only website directory. Start a new site or migrate your existing one. The possibilities are endless.

Sites hosted on CU2 are powered by WordPress, the most powerful tool to have when it comes to CMS. WordPress has never stopped growing in popularity, since its release back in 2003. Fun fact: it now powers over 30% of the world wide web!

So what are the reasons behind it’s massive popularity?
There are many reasons why, but to you as a business owner, there’s one that stands out the most:

WordPress is the best CMS from a SEO point of view.
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Our flat-rate services includes the hosting with CU2 network.
Get your website to the next level and start hosting your website with CU2, the New Zealand Network.
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